December 10th, 2015

Christians in the Middle East is an international network of scholars working on issues related to Christians in the Middle East from the late 18th century to the contemporary era. The understanding of the term ‘Middle East’ is broad, but as a general guide, includes the Arab League countries and Iran, Turkey and Israel. We are interested in both local and other Christians (including western or other missionaries, for example).

We operate an email network for the exchange of scholarly information, queries, reviews, conference and publication announcements and more.  At present there are several hundred members from around the world.  Click here or on the ‘Email Network’ tab above for details of how to join.

Our publications resource is growing – additions to this collection are welcomed, and are seen by many: each month there are hundreds of visitors to this site.

You will also find information here about events that CME is organising, as well as events that might be of interest that are organised by others.

Please contact us with any queries about the Network.

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