January 10th, 2012

The Christians in the Middle East network is an initiative of the University of Stirling in collaboration with the University of St Andrews and the University of Balamand.

The organisers are Dr Christine Lindner (Associate Professor at University of Balamand), Dr Michael Marten (Lecturer in Postcolonial Studies at University of Stirling) and Dr Fiona McCallum (RCUK Research Fellow at University of St Andrews).  The website and mailing list are operated by Michael Marten and Christine Lindner.  Contact details for all three are available on the contact page.

We have on several occasions provided expert media comment, and are available for interviews.  You can reach us using the contact page.

Christine Lindner’s research expertise lies primarily in the study of American missionary activity in 19th century Syria, and oral history of rituals in contemporary Lebanon.  She is planning to publish this research in the near future.

Michael Marten’s research centres on western engagement with the Middle East, and he has published (e.g. here) on this theme, as well as on broader historical and contemporary ecclesial and political issues.

Fiona McCallum’s research focuses on contemporary political engagement of Christian communities in the Middle East.  A monograph on the political role of the patriarchs in Egypt and Lebanon has recently appeared.

The column on the right points to media reports about the launch of the Network.

The organisers wish to express their appreciation to Professors Bill Marshall (SLCR, Stirling) and Ali Watson (IR, St Andrews) for making the seed funding available to start the network.

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