CME 2nd workshop, St Andrews, February 2010, programme

July 14th, 2010

Christians in the Middle East

2nd Workshop: ‘Church, State and Society’ 5th February 2010

University of St Andrews, Scotland


09:00    Arrival

09:10    Welcome (Fiona McCallum and Michael Marten)

09:15    Session 1: The National Identity Dilemma (1): The Historical Context
Chair: Michael Marten

10:40    Coffee Break

11:00    Session 2: The National Identity Dilemma (2): The Palestinian Context
Chair: Fiona McCallum

12:45    Lunch

13:30    Session 3: International Involvement
Chair: Michael Marten

15:15    Coffee Break

15:30    Session 4: Disputed Concepts of Church and Community
Chair: Fiona McCallum

17:15    Closing Remarks (Fiona McCallum and Michael Marten)

17:30    Close

Participants at St Andrews workshop

Participants engaging in discussion of one of the papers at the St Andrews workshop

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