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April 29th, 2009

Andrea Pacini, Christian Communities in the Arab Middle East. The Challenge of the Future

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998

ISBN: 978-0-19-829388-0

Publisher description:

Existing before the Muslim conquest of the Middle East, and integrated into the Islamic political order, which for centuries has given full rights only to Muslims, the various Eastern Christian communities have represented an important element of pluralism within Middle Eastern Arab societies. The end of the twentieth century, however, marks a crucial period for the the Christian communities, who have witnessed their base decline from 24% of the general population in 1914 to a mere 7%. The rising tide of Christian emigration is just one of the most obvious signs of the communities growing unrest.

Beginning with an examination of the role played by Eastern Christians in the history of Arab society, this ground-breaking study presents a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the many challenges facing the Christian communities today. Focusing on juridical status, social, political and economic dynamics, and relationships with the the Muslim majority culture, this intriguing study highlights the various political and cultural strategies employed by Eastern Christians as they attempt to guarantee their role and status as equal citizens in their own Arab states.

Introduction, Andrea Pacini

1. The Arab Christians: From the Eastern Question to the Recent Political Situation of the Minorities, Joseph Maila

2. The Arab Christians of the Middle East: A Demographic Perspective, Philippe Fargues

3. The Christian Communities, Active Members of Arab Society Throughout History, Samir Khalil Samir

4. The Churches of the Middle East: Their Origins and Identity, from Their Roots in the Past to Their Openness to the Present, Jean Corbon

5. The Law of the Nation-State and the Status of Non-Muslims in Egypt and Syria, Bernard Botiveau

6. The Emigration of Christian Arabs: Dimensions and Causes of the Phenomenon, Bernard Sabella

7. The Cultural Production of Arab Christians Today: An Expression of their Identity in a Predominantly Muslim Society, Camille Hechaimé

8. The Political Dynamics of the Copts: Giving the Community an Active Role, Dina El Khawaga

9. The Place and the Present Role of the Copts in the Egyptian Economy: Traditions and Specializations, Adel A. Beshai

10. The Dynamics of the Lebanese Christians: From the Paradigm of the ‘ammiyyat to the Paradigm of Hwayyek, Elizabeth Picard

11. The Christian Communities and the Economic and Social Situation in Lebanon, Boutros Labaki

12. Socio-Political and Community Dynamics of Arab Christians in Jordan, Israel, and the Autonomous Palestinian Territories, Andrea Pacini

13. The Christians of Syria, Habib Moussalli

14. Christians in Iraq, Yusuf Habbi

The Rites of the Churches of the Middle East

The Relations of Orthodox and Catholic Churches, and the Eastern Patriarchates

The Jurisdiction of Churches of the Middle East

Submission: Michael Marten, 29.4.09

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