Hummel, T./Hintlian, K./Carmesund, U.: Patterns of the Past…

April 29th, 2009

Thomas Hummel, Kevork Hintlian and Ulf Carmesund, Patterns of the Past Prospects for the Future: the Christian Heritage in the Holy Land

London: Melisende, 1999

ISBN 1 901764 10 9

This volume contains the papers presented at the 2nd International Conference of the Christian Heritage in the Holy Land held in Jerusalem, July 1996. It brought together Christian scholars, both foreign and indigenous, and representing a wide variety of the Christian communities. They met to reflect critically upon the history of their respective communities, institutions, art and architecture and the role they have played in supporting the Christian witness in Palestine. This forum drew upon the research of many decades and disciplines.

This particular conference had a dual theme. The first presenters focus upon the legal rights and privileges of the Christians in the Holy Land acquired over the centuries. The second section of the work deals with historical analyses of the Christian presence and is divided into a number of subsections. The introductory article for this section is a study of the early history of the Holy Sepulchre by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. Then follow papers that explore the history of particular Christian communities such as the Latins, the Greeks, the Armenians, the Ethiopians, the Anglicans and the Scottish Church. Another group of papers deals with the Byzantine period and the monastic movement in Palestine. Other articles include aspects of travel or pilgrimage and two papers by Palestinian academics on Christian influences on Palestinian culture.

U Carmesund
N Egender
R Ervine
G Gunner
H Hagopian
R Heacock
M Hassassian
K Hintlian
T Hummel
A Issa
A Jotischky
C Morton
J Murphy-O’Connor
J Pahlitzsch
K Pedersen
L Perrone
M Piccirillo
L Pittman
C Renoux
M Russo
K Salameh
Q Shomali
R Schick
A Terian
D Trimbur

It has been reviewed in:
International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 5(2) 2005 pp. 200-201 (F. McCallum)

Submission: Fiona McCallum (Reviewer), 24.04.09

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