Asuero, P.A.: Descripción del Damasco Otomano…

May 29th, 2009

Pablo Martín Asuero, Descripción del Damasco Otomano (1807-1920) según las crónicas de viajereos españoles e hispanoamericanos

Madrid (Spain): Miraguano, 2004

ISBN: 84-7813-278-3

In the 19th century Spanish and Latin-American observers described Lebanon, specially after the civil war that took place in the summer of 1860 between Druzes and the Maronites in Lebanon that spread to Damascus where the Spanish convent was destroyed. This books has a chapter about the events of 1860 through the Spanish press and the Spanish observers, and another chapter dedicated to the Christian population of Damascus in Spanish written by diplomats, travelers, pilgrims and journalists.

Submission: Pablo Martín Asuero, (author), May 17th 2009

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