O’Mahony, Anthony (ed.): Eastern Christianity…

April 7th, 2009

Anthony O’Mahony (ed.), Eastern Christianity. Studies In Modern History, Religion and Politics

London: Melisende, 2004

ISBN: 1 901764 23 0

This collection of papers by an international team of scholars provides contributions on the contemporary history and theology of Eastern Christianity. Eastern Christianity is looked at as a living tradition. Religious themes and theological currents are viewed in their modern political and historical contexts. Papers look at a wide range of themes from Eastern Christian perspectives (Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Eastern Catholic, Greek, Russian, and Syriac) on such topics as ecumenism, monasticism, the contemporary witness of today’s Desert Fathers, the politics of religious revival, Eastern Christianity in Jerusalem, relations with Islam, church-state issues, relations between Eastern and Western Christendom, etc.

Sebastian Brock

Basil Cousins

Kjartan Anderson

Harry Hagopian

Makis Makris

Avril Makhlouf

Dorothea McEwan

Anthony O‘Mahony

Kevin O’Mahoney

Joachim Persoon

Sotiris Roussos

Hratch Tchilingirian

John Watson

Louis Wehbe

John Whooley

Submission: Hratch Tchilingirian, 7.4.09 (contributor)

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