Asuero, P.A.: Viajeros hispánicos en Estambul…

May 29th, 2009

Pablo Martín Asuero, Viajeros hispánicos en Estambul, de la Cuestión de Oriente al reencuentro con los sefardíes (1784-1918)

Istanbul (Turkey): Isis, 2005

ISBN: 975-428-301-X

After the peace agreement between Spain and the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of a Spanish Legacy in Istanbul it was necessary to count with a non-muslim group in order to be able to trade with the Turks. The Spanish observers described the Armenians and the Greek population of Istanbul in the late 18th century. The interest about the oriental Christian is kept in the 19th century until Wold War The 1st. This book contains a chapter about the Greet district of Fener, another about district of Pera the place chosen by the foreign colony and local Christian, one chapter about the Greek and another about the Armenians, the evolution in this period of time and the role that they played in the Ottoman society according to the Spanish sources: newspapers, illustrated magazines, and books written by diplomats, travelers, soldiers, journalists or tourist from Spain and Latin-America or similar books translated from French or Italian.

Submission: Pablo Martín Asuero, (author), May 17th 2009

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