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May 29th, 2009

Pablo Martín Asuero, Descripción del Egipto otomano según las crónicas de viajeros españoles, hispanoamericanos y otros textos (1806-1924)

Madrid (Spain): Miraguano, 2006

ISBN: 84-7813-307-0

In the 19th century Spanish and Latin-American observers described Egypt as far as it becomes a path to the Spanish colonies of the Asia Pacific like the Philippines, through the Canal of Suez and also as Egypt became a touristic destination in the second half of the 19th century. As the country knew an economical development attracted an important amount of foreign populations many of them where Christian from the Ottoman Empire, Greece or Italy.
This book has a chapter dedicated to the Christian population of Egypt, the Copts and also Armenians, Greeks and Christian Arabs, in the Spanish press and the observers: diplomats, travelers, pilgrims and journalists.

Submission: Pablo Martín Asuero, (author), May 17th 2009

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