Tamcke, Martin/Marten, Michael (eds.): Christian Witness…

March 21st, 2009

Martin Tamcke/Michael Marten (eds.), Christian Witness between Continuity and New Beginnings: Modern historical missions in the Middle East

series: Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte, vol. 39

Hamburg: LIT Verlag, 2006

ISBN 3-8258-9854-7

Missions to, from and within the Middle East have shaped the region in multitudinous ways since the 19th century. This collection of sixteen essays from a range of international scholars explores this immensely significant subject using a range of disciplines, including theology, history, and geography. This interdisciplinary approach helps to provide a thorough overview of the often complex and multi-layered topic of missions and the Middle East in contemporary research, and will be of interest to all who seek to improve their understanding of the role of religion in the Middle East.

Contents (see also Google Books):

Jeffrey C. Burke – The Founding of the American University in Cairo

Geoman K. George – Early 20th century British missionaries and fulfilment theology: Comparison of the approaches of William Temple Gairdner to Islam in Egypt, and John Nicol Farquhar to Hinduism in India

Chantal Verdeil – Between Rome and France, intransigent and anti-Protestant Jesuits in the Orient: The beginning of the Jesuits’ mission of Syria, 1831-1864

Anthony O’Mahony – Cyprian Rice, OP, Shi’a Islam and the Dominican Mission to Iran, 1933-1934

Willy Jansen – Arab Women with a Mission. The Sisters of the Rosary

Heleen Murre-van den Berg – ‘Simply by giving to them maccaroni…’ Anti-Roman Catholic polemics in early Protestant missions in the Middle East, 1820-1860

Michael Marten – Communicating home: Scottish missionary publications in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Roland Löffler – Aggravating circumstances: On the processes of national and religious identity within the Arab Lutheran and Anglican congregations of Palestine during the Mandate years

Frank Foerster – The Journey of Friedrich Adolph Strauss to the Holy Land and the beginnings of German missions in the Middle East

Thorsten Neubert-Preine – The struggle over the Muristan in Jerusalem as an example of national-confessional rivalry in the 19th century Middle East

Ruth Kark, Dietrich Denecke and Haim Goren – The Impact of Early German Missionary Enterprise in Palestine on Modernization and Environmental and Technological Change, 1820-1914

Eileen M. Kane – Pilgrims, Piety and Politics: The Founding of the First Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Charlotte van der Leest – The Protestant Bishopric of Jerusalem and the Missionary Activities in Nazareth: The Gobat years, 1846-1879

Nancy L. Stockdale – An Imperialist Failure: English Missionary Women and Palestinian Orphan Girls in Nazareth, 1864-1899

Martin Tamcke – Johann Wörrlein’s Book about his Travels through Palestine

Uwe Gräbe – Mission and Proselytism as a Historical Background to a Contemporary Reformulation of Christian ‘Presence and Witness’ in the Middle East

Submission: Michael Marten (co-editor and contributor), 21.3.09

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