Nalbandian, Inga: Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out

September 25th, 2009

Inga Nalbandian, Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out

London: Gomidas Institute, 2007

ISBN: 978-1-903656-71-6

This volume is a translation of Inga Nalbandian’s short story collection on the Armenian Genocide. First published in 1917, Nalbandian’s short stories were widely translated into several European languages. Inga Nalbandian, a Danish woman married to an Armenian educator, lived in Constantinople until 1916 and witnessed firsthand the destruction of the Armenian community in the capital as a result of the arrests of Armenian intellectuals in 1915. Her account is a unique portrayal of the city of Constantinople and its Armenian inhabitants during the First World War by a singular woman who went on to promote recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the press of the day and at the League of Nations. Nalbandian later co-operated with Henni Forchhammer, the Danish delegate to the League of Nations, as well as Karen Jeppe, the humanitarian worker in Aleppo, in promoting assistance to Armenian refugees.

Submission: Victoria Rowe (translator), 23.9.09

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