Gianazza, P. G.: Guida alle comunità cristiane…

March 24th, 2011

Pier Giorgio Gianazza, Guida alle comunità cristiane in Terra Santa. Diversità e fede nei luoghi di Gesù.


Bologna, Italy: EDB, Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna, 2008, 2011, 2th

ISBN: 978-88-10-82029-2

The books is a description if the situation of all the christian churches actually established in the Holy Land, comprising both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. After an opening chapter focusing on the historical origin and presence in this area, the next six chapters are devoted to a detailed view on each of the followuing churches or group ot them: othodox, old oriental (armenian, syriac, ethiopian, estinghuished churches), roman catholic (six communities), anglican, lutheran, protestants, messianic jews. The last chapter tackles the problems of ecumenism, holy places, and contemporary challenges.

Submission: Pier Giorgio Gianazza (Author), 24.3.2011

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