O’Mahony, A./Loosley, E.: Christian Responses to Islam…

April 29th, 2009

Anthony O’Mahony/Emma Loosley, Christian Responses to Islam: Muslim-Christian relations in the modern world

Manchester, New York: Manchester University Press, 2008

ISBN: 978 07190 7687 9

In the aftermath of 9/11 there has been much talk of a need to engage on a meaningful level with Islam, but where do we begin and what is the right approach? This book looks at case studies from around the world in order to explore how Christian groups, sometimes as minorities and sometimes as the majority, engage with their Muslim neighbours in the search for a peaceful society. Some of the initiatives are politically motivated, others run by Church authorities and a number are community based, but all offer different approaches to a variety of situations that are encountered in Christian-Islamic dialogue.This is the first time that global strategies for dialogue have been published in one book by a series of leading academics. Whilst previous publications have concentrated on a particular geographical area, usually the Middle East or Europe, this book casts a wider net and considers issues such as the rise of radical Islam in post-Soviet states, Indonesian immigration in Australia and the spread of Islam amongst the Black South Africans after the fall of apartheid.

Christianity and Islam:  between history and theological encounter – Anthony O’Mahony
Ecumenical Christian responses to Islam in Britain – Michael Ipgrave
The response of the Anglican Church, Islam and Muslim-Christian relations in contemporary Britain – Barbara Mitchell
The Orthodox Church, Islam and Christian-Muslim relations in Russia – Basil Cousins
The Vatican, Islam and Muslim-Christian relations – Andrew Unsworth
Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt: challenges for the twenty-first century – Fiona McCallum
Christians and Muslim in Western Europe: from “speechless co-existence” to shared citizenship? – Philip Lewis
Varieties of Christian-Muslim-Christian encounter in Malaysia – Peter Riddell
Christian-Muslim relations in the Philippines: between conflict, reconciliation and dialogue – Rocco Viviano
Islam and Christian-Muslim encounters in Australasia – Anthony H.Johns
Christianity and Islam in Syria: island of religious tolerance? – Emma Loosley
Christianity, Shi’a Islam and Muslim-Christian relations in Iran – Anthony O’Mahony
Christian-Muslim encounters in South Africa – Chris Clohessey
Christians and Muslims in West Africa – Stanislaw Grodz
Christian-Muslim relations in the Sudan – John Flannery
Christianity and Islam: the way forward? – Emma Loosley

Submission: Fiona McCallum (Contributor), 24.04.09

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