Hunter, E.C.D.: The Christian Heritage of Iraq…

November 7th, 2013

Erica C.D. Hunter, The Christian Heritage of Iraq: collected papers from the Christianity in Iraq I-V Seminar Days

series: Gorgias Eastern Christian Series 13

Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias Press, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60724-111-9

Edited papers from The Christianity in Iraq I – V Seminar Days (2004-2008) addressing historic and modern aspects (historic, cultural, linguistic, religious) of Christianity in Iraq, as well as the outreach of the Church of the East in Central Asia.

Edited papers from The Christianity in Iraq I – V Seminar Days (2004-2008) addressing historic and modern aspects of Christianity in Iraq. Contributors include: John HEALEY, The Patriarch Išo‘yahb III and the Christians of Qaṭar in the first Islamic century; John WATT, Greek Philosophy and Syriac Culture in Early ‘Abbasid Iraq; Sidney GRIFFITH, Patriarch Timothy and an Aristotelian at the Caliph’s court; Florence JULLIEN, The Great Monastery at Mount Izla and the Defence of the East-Syrian Identity; Sebastian BROCK, The Cultural Contribution of Monasticism in Iraq; Suha RASSAM, Der Mār Behnam -The Monastery of Saint Behnam; Mark DICKENS, The Syriac Bible in Central Asia; Alexei SAVCHENKO & Mark DICKENS, Prester John’s Realm: New Light on Christianity between Merv and Turfan; Wassilios KLEIN, Christianity in Central Asia: Syriac inscriptions from Burana/Tokmak and Bishkek, Heleen VAN DEN BERG, Chaldæans and Assyrians: the Church of the East in the Ottoman period; Amir HARRAK, Commemorating Church History during the Ottoman Period: Monumental Inscriptions and Art; Erica C D Hunter, Magic and Medicine amongst the Christian Assyrians of Kurdistan; Martin TAMCKE, World War I and the Assyrians; Robin BETH SHMUEL, The Syriac Bible in the Private Assyrian Schools in Iraq; Geoffrey KHAN, The Neo-Aramaic Dialects of Iraq; Anthony O’MAHONY, Christianity in Iraq: Modern History, Theology, Dialogue and Politics (until 2003).

Submission: Dr. Erica C.D. Hunter (Editor), 7.11.13

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