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August 16th, 2011

Una McGahern, Palestinian Christians in Israel: state attitudes to non-Muslims in a Jewish state

series: Routledge (Durham Modern Middle East and Islamic World Series)

UK, USA, Canada: Routledge, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-415–60571-7, 978-0-203-80664-7

Although Christians form a significant proportion of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel, very little research has, until now, been undertaken to examine their complicated position within Israel. This book demonstrates the limits of analyses which characterise state-minority relations in Israel in terms of a so-called Jewish-Muslim conflict, and of studies which portray Palestinian Christians as part of a wider exclusively religious-based transnational Christian community.

This book locates its analysis of Palestinian Christians within a broader understanding of Israel as a Jewish ethnocratic state. It describes the main characteristics of the Palestinian Christian community in Israel and examines a number of problematic assumptions which have been made about them and their relationship to the state. Finally, it examines a number of intra-communal conflicts which have taken place in recent years between Christians and Muslims, and between Christians and Druze, and probes the role which the state and various state attitudes have played in influencing or determining those conflicts and, as a result, the general status of Palestinian Christians in Israel today.

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Submission: Una McGahern (Author), 16.8.11

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